W4SNN Saturday Night Net Home Page The Saturday Night Net is a group of licensed Amateur Radio Operators that decided to create their own network of operation on a NON-Repeater frequency, for the purpose of SIMPLEX operation, without the use of external resources. In short, we wanted to know how far and wide an area we can communicate, in case there is no commercial power to run repeaters (if they have no Emergency back up power) or some component of the system has caused the repeater to fail. It has been determined quite some time ago, that we ARE capable of serving a WIDE area of NE Florida, without the use of a Repeater system. This information is quite valuable, due to the fact we have frequent Hurricanes every season, and this scenario, is quite a possibility. Back in November 1997, N4YHS, KF4GSK, KF4LIQ, WD4BCJ and KF4IHU were in contact on 146.46 MHz and were discussing the fact that since some of them worked, it was very difficult to communicate via ham radio during the week. Steve, KF4IHU, spoke up and said it would be nice if we could all agree to meet during the weekends. This started the discussion and it was agreed that we would form a net to be held at 7:30 every Saturday night on 146.46. We all agreed to come up with a name for the net and Herbert Taylor's name "The Saturday Night Net" was chosen. The purpose of the net was to get people together just for a ratchet jawing session on Saturday night and it was agreed we would take turns being net control and secretary. It was agreed the net would be highly informal and that we would allow ham-related equipment to be traded on the net. The net officially began on December 13, 1997. After a short series of swapping duties, it soon became apparent that Jerry WD4BCJ and his wife Madeline KB4QCA were taking such a great interest that we decided to let them run the net each Saturday night. Jerry was named station trustee and Madeline was secretary. The duration of the net was from 7:30 through 9:30 PM. Two hours seems like a long net, however, one needs to keep in mind that it was a very informal net and gave participants plenty of time to discuss what was on their minds. Several years after the net was formed, KF4GSK started giving out free certificates to all who checked into the net. As of 11-30-07, we have issued 363 certificates. Up until about 3 years ago, it was permissible to have someone check you in or one could check in via telephone or email. Only actual check-ins are now allowed. Under the current check in system, we get an average of about 33 each Saturday. Jerry, WD4BCJ, who had been our net controller since December 13, 1997, passed away on December 24, 2002. Shortly after his death, Herbert N4YHS and Woody KF4GSK decided to continue with the net. Herbert was named as trustee and Woody was named net manager, with Genie KG4BAJ being named secretary. Other net controllers were solicited in order to continue the net. Current Net Controllers are N4YHS, N4FAS is the net manager, N4FOZ, N4MRJ and N4PAI. We have never missed having a single net since its inception. Approximately 7 years ago, people started donating prizes and money to be given away on the net in a special drawing. This is still carried on and we have given away approximately nine $25 prizes and many other prizes such as NOFARS memberships which were so kindly put up by N4UF. Back in October 2002 and continuing until August 2006, Woody Parker produced a monthly Saturday Night Newsletter. Subscriptions totaled 127 for the final newsletter. It is hoped that the newsletter can be started up once again in the not too distant future. Special note from Billy Williams N4UF: Woody invites area hams to check into SNN each Saturday night at 7:30 on 146.46 MHz. Hear the "wheel of fortune" spin live on the air, usually done by N4YHS, to select the lucky winner. E-mail Webmaster: Jim N4NKA HOW THE WHEEL SPIN WORKS The Saturday Nite Net awards cash and prizes based upon donations from our listeners. Depending on the number of winners, the prize pool is subject to change. The following is an example of how it works: Check-ins to the Net are listed in chronological order. The last check-in is called the “Magic Number”, which indicates the number of total people who participated. Each wheel has about 50 random numbers, 1-50, and one Slot containing a “Star”. For each general prize, the wheel is spun one time. If that spin lands on a “Star”, the wheel is again spun until the wheel stops on a number that represents a number of a Ham who has checked in. If the wheel does not land on a star for that award, the wheel is spun again for the next cash or prize award. After all the spins for the main prizes have been completed, there is always a “Consolation Prize Winner”. That money amount is usually $5. The wheel is spun until we have a winning number within the number of check- ins. Some notes on awards: A winner has 3 weeks to again check into the Net and determine what is to be done with the prize. There are options of “Rolling it over”, which means giving it back to the Net, collecting the award, or sending the money to a group like a Ham Radio Club for dues, or as a donation. W4SNN Home